Meanwhile, Back at the Ski Lodge

AWOL but not, I hope, forgotten. I've lately been residing at Flavorpill Sundance, where my partner-in-crime JKG and I have been skiing down the slippery slope of mainstream indie film culture in Parka City 2006. Actually, it's been insanely fun, so go take a gander. And in the next few weeks expect a revised Broad View, significantly better than ever, but still pink. Mama loves her pink.

Oh, and wish me happy birthday, please. The 35th mark has come and now gone.


Anonymous Dylan McDermott Mulroney said...

Aha, a slap-happy belated to you. 'Twas great stumbling into you tonight, even if conflicting train routes cut our convo short (to think, I loitered for 10 minutes after Duck Season just to get your post-Sundance scoop). Are you seeing Sophie Scholl tomorrow, or anything else of interest in the not-too-distant future?

1/31/2006 8:55 PM  

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